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If you are in the USA today you are likely preparing to participate in giving THANKS for all God is doing in and around your world.   As you prepare your meal, break bread with your family, clean your dishes, tune into this encouraging podcast with Mission Radio host with gracious and compassionate Kenneth Mitchell and me on…


full adjective 1. containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space. Thanks to you, all of our orphans, like Uma, are full today. 2. not lacking or omitting anything; complete. Thanks to you, Innocent & Abichir know the full measure of God’s complete love. adverb 3. straight; directly. Thanks to…

Love Wins

As I write this letter, I’m pondering the lessons from a meeting I attended tonight; the topic was “Gratitude.” My reflections paint images in my mind of Kaka, one-legged Rabi, and our own little Commander Abdel-Aziz, all taking refuge at the MWP orphanage Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. It’s been seven months…

The Inner Workings of Community by Guest Blogger Audrey Moore

By Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to President Kimberly L Smith It was early Saturday morning when I noticed Susana, Regina, and Rebecca heading towards the boys side of the compound carrying a sandal. After greeting through the chain link fence I asked where they were going. “To the shoe repairman,” they replied. “Where is that?”…

The Lightbulb Sessions by Guest Blogger Audrey Moore

By Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to President Kimberly L Smith When I leave the light on above the sink at my kitchen window at night, I can easily count on forty or so insects to rest, dance, fly, and flail themselves about against the glass pane, just to get near the light. Their hunger to…

Dusty Boots

American poet Theodore Roethke wrote, “In a dark time, the eye begins to see.” Roethke died in 1963. Today’s collective keeper of knowledge, Wikipedia, writes, “A common cause of low visual acuity is refractive error (ametropia), or errors in how the light is refracted in the eyeball.” These two concepts—the former poetic, the latter cerebral—collide in…

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From her camp in the desert Kimberly L. Smith pulls back the canvas of her tent to show us the good, the bad and the ugly of our world today…

Tomi Lee “T.L.” Grover, PhD Anti-trafficking consultant and founder of

Reading this book will propel us all beyond our self-imposed boundaries, to the ultimate risk of finding and following Christ’s call for our own lives.

Rev. Dr. Lauran Bethell Global consultant, Ministries with Victims of Human Trafficking and Prostitution

This is more than a well-written, powerful, and inspiring story… This book is contagious.

Dr. Gary Fenton Senior pastor, Dawson Family of Faith and Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

The greatest stories aren’t about undaunted characters who overcome their greatest foes but about unlikely characters who overcome their greatest fears. Kimberly Smith is one of those characters. And this is one of those stories.

Ken Gire Author of Moments with the Savior, Windows of the Soul, and The North Face of God

What you read in this book will be used of God to motivate you to action on behalf of vulnerable children around the world. In the process, as you walk with Kimberly, you may also find perspective, forgiveness and healing in your own life.

Randy Alcorn Author of Heaven and If God is Good

I read her book on the flight home. I began weeping in the first half hour and I was mesmerized and captured for 5 hours straight. The book haunted me.

Dr. Dan Allender Author of To Be Told and Founding President of Mars Hill Graduate School

Kimberly Smith voluntarily walks through the gates of hell. If you can read her accounts without being affected, you should check for a pulse.

Philip Yancey Author of What Good is God? and What's So Amazing about Grace

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